The Praying Church

We are reminded, in II Chronicles 7:14, of the Lord’s promise that “If my people shall pray then I will hear and will heal their land”.

The story is told of a decision to build a tavern in the center of a small town to attract more visitors.

A vibrant church objected to this construction and decided to call a prayer meeting to wage war against this plan.

During the prayer meeting, lightning struck and burnt down the tavern under construction.

The tavern owner promptly sued the church for his demise. The church, in turn, hired a lawyer with a defense that they had nothing to do with the building’s destruction.

At the beginning of the trial, the judge commented; “Irrespective of the outcome of this case, one thing is certain; the tavern owner believes in prayer, the church does not.”

If you’re a Christian, how does that make you feel?

Or, how about the farming village that was facing a drought? The villagers decided on a day to fast and pray for rain; but only one little boy walked with his umbrella.

Do you pray … and, if you do, do you have enough (childlike) faith to believe?


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