Get over yourself!

I read somewhere that if you want to know how important or indispensable you are, you can follow this simple exercise: fill a bucket with water, put your hand in it – all the way up to your elbow; then take it out and the hole that remains is a measure of how indispensable you are!

Ringggggg, Ringggggg … wake up call!

My father died in 1992 (eighteen years ago). He was 75 and word has it that he left behind about 51 of us. I lost actual count at about 15. He had as many as 5 with one lady, 3 with another; 2 with my mother and the count went on …

It is not that surprising when you look at photographs of him from his younger years. Quite a handsome man he was, a real charmer.

Only problem is, he was never a father to most of us and died an unhappy man. I never knew him well, and vicariously met him through the memories of others. In these past 18 years, as I have had cause to interact with other siblings, I have realized one thing – they do not speak of him often (if at all) and some seem not to remember him.

In fact, mention of him is mostly derogatory, as one chides the other “yuh tan jus like yuh puppa!”.

On reflection, I find it sad. For one to have lived for 75 years, ‘fathered’ so many children, lived and worked and associated with so many persons and then to die … and have it seem as if he never lived … is sad.

But this is hardly about my father. It is about you!

You, in the job in which you think no one can replace you. You in the relationship in which you think your partner can never find someone better. You in the church in which you think they can never find a better servant.

The truth is – we are just passing through! One day you will have to retire (if they do not let you go first). One day the relationship will end (if you fail to work at it; and even then, your partner may move on). And, sadly, one day the church folks will have to bury you (although you may help to bury a few of them before).

But, psst (come a little closer, let me tell you a well known secret) … the company will go on; your partner will live and have other relationships and, most definitely – the church will go on!

The only difference is, whether they will remember you (and how)! Because, if you give a man a million dollars, but treat him like a dog – he will remember, not what you gave him, but how you made him feel!

So, just in case you think that you are God’s gift to the earth and that you are irreplaceable, think again and … get over yourself!


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A pretty good listener; occasionally I actually have something worthwhile to say ... it may be on religion, politics, love, public affairs (you name it) ... let's talk - we CAN make a difference.
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