Feelings or Conviction?

Though a practicing Christian, James ambled slowly into the morning service, very late.  During the worship, his mind often strayed and never did settle on God.  He saw others dancing in the spirit and swaying under the anointing.  Yet, he could not feel anything at all and eventually went home dejected.

Tom, on the other hand, longed to really worship God.  When he got to church, he “entered His gates with thanksgiving and came into His courts with praise”.  During the early part of the service, however, he too could not feel God.

Then, Tom remembered that, “The Lord inhabits the praises of His people”.  He purposed in his heart that he had to ‘touch’ the Lord for a breakthrough, and began to truly worship Him.  Sure enough, the presence of the Lord came upon him and Tom received his blessings through the anointing.

The difference between these two men lies in their attitude, and prompts the question: why do we obey and serve the Lord?  Do we do it because we know, by faith, that it is the right thing to do or because we feel it is the right thing to do?

Surely, it is the former. Yet, even with faith, the ‘Word’ says that the Spirit of God does not always dwell with man.  Sometimes there are ‘dry spells’ when He withdraws Himself from us to test our faithfulness.  Yet, what should we do in those times?

If we know Christ and His ‘word’, our faith will not waver in the times of His absence and, like Tom, we will eventually break through.

However, if our worship is based on ‘feelings’ then we will falter, like James, as our wilderness experiences sweep us away.

To this end, God requires us to consciously decide to serve and worship Him.  Therefore, the next time you cannot feel His presence – try praising Him reverently, honestly and consistently, and know that He will appear in His good time.

If you are convicted and know that “God is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him“, then you need not worry about your fickle feelings.  The adversary will try to trick us into unbelief, but when we know Him, we know He is always here with us.

Where are you with Christ and what did you serve Him with today? Your feelings or your convictions based on the word of God?


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