Saviour or Judge! (Who is He to you?)

At a fishing pond adjoining a murky swamp, an ardent ‘fisherman’ sat patiently waiting on the “fishes to bite”.  He was startled by the cry of a young man, from another fishing party, who had fallen into the stagnant swampy waters and was drowning.

Without hesitation, he ran towards the youngster, pulled him out and saved his life.

Many years later, the same young man was caught in the act of committing a hideous crime.  The evidence was irrefutable and he was sure to face the penalty of death.

At the trial, the young man stood solemnly and dejectedly in the court room to receive his sentence.  His face brightened, however, when he saw that the Judge was the same man who had saved his life many years earlier. He relaxed a little, as he thought; surely he will have mercy on me.

Immediately as the trial began, however, the Judge sentenced him to death on the strength of the evidence before the court.

In terror, the young man cried, “YOU SAVED MY LIFE BEFORE, HOW CAN YOU LET ME DIE NOW?”

But, the Judge replied, “Then I was your SAVIOUR, now I am your JUDGE!”

Who is Christ to you today, Saviour or Judge?  Are you a “Good and Faithful servant” or someone Christ never knew?

Why not let Him save you now, before He has no choice but to judge you later?

Reprinted from NewLife News, (Vol. 1 No. 7, September 1999); A publication of New Life Worship Centre, De La Vega City, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica W.I.


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