Towards a New Ending

There is nothing like a funeral (especially of a ‘young’ person) to bring us face-to-face with the mortality of man.

I went to one such on Saturday (a long time friend – 2 years older than me) and yesterday (Sunday) I spent the day drafting my funeral programme.

No No – before you run off and close the page – I assure you I am not morbid. But, think about it for a second, this probably should be routine (after all, we are all going to die at some point in time). It perhaps should be as routine as writing our Wills (whether we have much to give away or not)… sort of preparing for the ‘future’.

But, this is hardly about death – funerals – and Wills … it is, in fact, about ‘us’ and Living…

You see, if you accept that having been born, you will die — then the only unknown is how we “live” … that dash between your birth date and your death.

How we live will also determine our legacy. For, in truth, we live on in the memories of others. So often, we exist – going through the motions… school, work, church, the night clubs, sports activities, and the list is endless. Time passes and before we know it, we are approaching the twilight of our years – while wondering – where did the time go?

There is nothing new or different in my analogy; it happens pretty much the same way for everyone (except that some go sooner or later than we expect).

But, here is a thought: I wonder if when I met my friend in 1999 (twelve years ago) if I could have told her that she would be dead today — would she have done anything differently?

And that is all that this is – a simple question: you will die – that is a given! When – that is the unknown! Is there anything that you want to do differently between Now and Then?

Are there unfinished matters: a broken promise, a malfunctioning family relationship, not enough time spent with a loved one, lack of appreciation for the gifts that you have received – and failing to pass on some of that knowledge too, not enough expressions of ‘thank you’, or surrendering your life to the Lord…?

It may not take long – but, do you have time?

*RIP – Jacqueline Reynolds (1964-2011)


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