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In Praise of Politicians

This is probably an odd time to be writing such an article, in the midst of all the mayhem associated with the political silly season in Jamaica. Yet, on the other hand, it may well be the most appropriate time … Continue reading

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My Mother Who Fathered Me!

I find myself thinking of my mother very often of late. We all think our own mothers are the best and none can compare (and – in a sense – we are all right). I know that there are exceptions … Continue reading

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Small Tribute to the Prof Aggrey Brown

This provides an interesting insight into the impact that Prof. Aggrey Brown had on his students

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Fashionably Pregnant or A Social Malady?

One in three Jamaican women in the inner cities is pregnant; has an infant on her side or has a child less than five years old. No – I have no scientific data to prove my claim; but – based … Continue reading

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HELP! He’s invading my space!

Has anyone ever invaded your space? That sacred circumference around your person that you occupy! That place where you only allow loved ones and close friends to enter! Someone did that to me yesterday at a bank; in the line … Continue reading

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The Jamaican Political Divide: ‘Nobody canna cross it!’

Years ago, as a youngster, I had a dream! It was crystal clear. Michael Manley was prime minister of Jamaica, and Edward Seaga was the minister of finance – in the same administration! I cannot tell how it happened but, … Continue reading

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‘Bleaching’, Tattoos and the Jamaican Psyche

I watched a music video on a local station last evening and was a little disturbed that the popular artiste was adorned with chains that are reminiscent of the decadent days of slavery. I kept wondering whether he knows that … Continue reading

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