How will YOU be remembered?

The Week that was … in Jamaica:

Highlights (for me) included:
• Bobby Montague compared HPM Holness to Jesus; when he (at age 12) confronted the men in the temple. Bobby!!!! *screaming*
• Sharon Hay-Webster crossed the floor over to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP); even while still in the process of renouncing her dual-citizenship. Personally, I would have preferred if she had just resigned as Member of Parliament (MP) first. It just seemed an untidy affair.
• Danville Walker declared his hand and is now on the JLP ticket. Strange rumblings (allegations) too about the Department of Custom’s involvement in the continuing exportation of scrap metal in contravention of a Cabinet order. An odd time for such a move. Oh, and he too is in the process of treating with his dual-citizenship.
• Finally, Mike Henry appears to have ‘discovered’ what everybody else seemed to have known from day-one: constructing the urban transport centre on Port Royal Street/Water Lane in downtown Kingston was a BAD IDEA! Reminds me of the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium. Well, at least, the Government has decided to allow the University of Technology (UTECH) to put it to some use.

“The more things change, the more …”

Wedding Invitation:

‘To the world you may be one person; but – to one person – you may be the world!’

Some of you have read this story before; but it is worth repeating:

A year or so ago on a Saturday morning, my fiancée, my 10-year-old nephew (who calls me daddy – I guess because I am the only father he knows) and I were traveling in search of the location of a church that I was to visit the following morning for a funeral. This was in Portmore, St. Catherine and, being unfamiliar with the community, I/we got lost (or rather I missed a turn, since I was driving).

As we anxiously searched the street signs trying to find a familiar landmark, the following conversation (out of the blue) happened:

My nephew: ‘Daddy, will you be alive when I grow up?’
Me: ‘I don’t know son. That’s really up to God.’
Silence …
Me: ‘Why you ask that?’
My nephew: ‘I want you to be at my wedding!’

My eyes welled up with tears and I struggled to see the road through the mass of emotions … Fortunately, we found the church and we got home safely.

I think of that experience often; and my eyes still moisten on each recollection.

Why would my nephew – at 10 – even think of marriage and be so certain that he wanted me to be a part of such an important milestone in his life?

I can only imagine that it is because I (try to) make him feel important. I tell him ‘I love him’ every time we speak. I applaud him on his every effort and praise him when he does well. I chastise him too when he does badly; but always in love. I am there for him – when I can – and when I cannot be there – I explain to him why. I assure him that he is of value and that no one is better than him – nor is he better than anyone. In short – I affirm to him that he has the right to be – and to be the best that he can be! With any luck, he will grow up to be a fine gentleman.

Have you done that for anyone lately? A son/daughter, spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, church member or just any stranger you happen to meet?

In that lies your legacy; for others will remember – not (so much) what you do for them, but – how you make them feel …

Walk good, ‘til next time …

*A picture of my nephew – Ackeem Ramone Maxwell


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2 Responses to How will YOU be remembered?

  1. Petry says:

    He is adorable!

    That must have been an awesome moment for you. Those are the moments I love…simply priceless. Obviously, you are making an impact in Ackeem’s life! That is commendable.

    Well, I try to encourage those around me but I don’t think I am as deliberate or intentional about it as I should be, but I do try…

    Reminds me of the song, “If I can help somebody as I travel along, then my living will not be in vain”.

    May God help us to be more aware of the feelings of others and may He empower us to be more deliberate in helping.

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