Small Tribute to the Prof Aggrey Brown

This provides an interesting insight into the impact that Prof. Aggrey Brown had on his students


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2 Responses to Small Tribute to the Prof Aggrey Brown

  1. I agree with you Counselor, that the passing of these giants is a huge loss to Jamaica, land we love.The good news is that I consider you an intellectual and there is also a growing trend of Jamaicans locally and abroad pursuing or completing terminal degrees. A few that comes to mind are Mundle, Mowatt, Hickling, Stines, Johnson, Marshall, Beckford, Davis, Moncrieffe, Fray, Tufton, and Foreman-Waugh. These are just some of the ones I know about. This is coming from someone who has been away for the last 7 years. There are also peers of mine who even as early as high school showed great intellectual promise. Journalists Arthur Hall and Dervan Malcolm come to mind. I am sure that this group will make our fallen giants proud.

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