My Mother Who Fathered Me!

I find myself thinking of my mother very often of late.

We all think our own mothers are the best and none can compare (and – in a sense – we are all right). I know that there are exceptions and I am sorry for those who have mothers who failed to play the role; or who were never there – whether intentionally or they were taken home ‘too soon’.

My mother – still alive (bless God) – was a single parent of four (not counting a still birth for what would have been her eldest child). She has for many years lived overseas and that (somewhat) has robbed us of her attention, compassion and love. Yet, that has not stopped her from remembering every single birthday for every one of her children and grandchildren. And – even if we have not heard from her for a while – we can be assured that we will receive a call on our birthdays and for the Christmas holidays.

She is also a praying woman and I have first hand experience that when I am going through hell – as far away as she may be – she knows and she is praying.

I fail to tell her often enough that I love her and that I appreciate her and that I am glad that she is my mommy.

Note to self: Tell her more often and every chance you get.

I love you mommy. I thank God for sparing your life until now and I pray His continued blessings upon you. I pray that your store house will never be empty, that you will know love from others as you have willingly given it, and that you will continue to enjoy the peace that comes only from a relationship with God.

Walk good, ’til next time …

*Felceta Delceta [Francis] Grace née Wilson


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A pretty good listener; occasionally I actually have something worthwhile to say ... it may be on religion, politics, love, public affairs (you name it) ... let's talk - we CAN make a difference.
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3 Responses to My Mother Who Fathered Me!

  1. Petry says:

    Note to self: Tell ‘mummy’ how much you love and appreciate her… more often and every chance you get. She has done a lot for me, especially after daddy left, so I think I owe it to her to make her feel loved and appreciated. She is truly royal.

    Thanks for this post…made me think!

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