Have a ‘irie’ Jamaican Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! The Christmas season rolls around again!

This is my all time favourite season of the year! Yes, I accept that the ‘fantastic’ and alluring side is for children. But, I find, as I grow older, that the best way to enjoy it is to share. It’s not about the presents we give or receive. Or the new things we can buy. It’s about time shared with family and good friends. It’s about celebrating (really celebrating) the gift of Christ coming into the world. And, it’s about giving of ourselves to those that are less fortunate.

People just seem to smile more, to care more, to be more loving. Dare I say it, yes – everyone seems to be more like children around this time. I wish everyday was Christmas – don’t you?

Years ago, I helped a girlfriend to write the following piece for school. Each ensuing year I enjoy dusting it off and reading it again. I hope you enjoy it too:

Christmas … Then and Now
Christmas, in my community, is the holiday in the year that most persons look forward to, especially the children. More important than the presents and the festive atmosphere, the bright lights and the many parties; I think people most appreciate that the world, during that season, just seems to be a little bit softer, happier and friendlier. People seem to smile more often and to reach out in empathy to their neighbours. Notwithstanding, age is, indeed, relative.

As a child, I remember well how anxiously I looked forward to the presents that I would receive, including the pretty dolls that I could dress up in fancy clothes. Most of us children did, as the boys also looked forward to their toy guns, red fire trucks and their miniature cowboys and Indians. There was plenty of food too, including the Christmas pudding, sorrel and the gungo rice and peas. We would go to grand market early on Christmas morning and return home to play with our toys. By midday, you could hear the sounds of the drums from the Jonkanoo Band – that was the scary part – with the Big Belly Woman and the Devil with his three prong fork. Yes, I remember it well.

But today, as an adult, I am reminded that – Christmas is really for children. The season which, back then as a child, seemed to take so long to return, comes all too soon now. And yes, I am the one buying the presents and having to put up the lights and to bake and to cook and to draw the sorrel and a myriad of other things. Now, I do not quite look forward to the season, as I did in earlier days and long for it to pass quickly when it does come.

Yes, the people are still a little bit friendlier around that time … although that too seems to be changing.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Walk good, ’til next time …


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4 Responses to Have a ‘irie’ Jamaican Christmas!

  1. Petry says:

    What about the present part?

  2. Petry says:

    Did not know that you baked and cooked and stuff….rayyyyyyyyyyyy! Lol. By the way, am I qualified for a present?

    But I agree with you, it passes by too quickly and by the time you realize, its gone! I truly hope, that as Christians, we will not exclude Christ this Christmas…

    Merry Christmas when it comes…

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