Kindness from a Stranger

MY 1990 Nissan is not in the best condition. After much repair work, I may yet have to replace the transmission. It barely has the capacity to reverse and I have to map out my routes to avoid the necessity. But, bless God, it still get’s me around; until I can get it serviced properly…

Recently I had to enter unfamiliar territory to visit an acquaintance’s house in Greendale. The state of the main road was horrible; and that it was night and dark, didn’t make it any easier.

As we neared our destination, I recall praising God for his goodness! You see, right across from the house was an adjacent road, which would allow me to make a U-turn, without the need to reverse.

But, aye – I wish it were that simple.

Unknown to me; my acquaintance was lay-waiting my arrival in the hope of encouraging me to make the return trip on the adjacent road from his house – which apparently has better road conditions. Being unaware of my issues with reversing, and noticing my intentions to make the U-turn, he swiftly moved towards the vehicle, which effectively eliminated my ability to complete the manoeuvre. I now needed to reverse…

Hold on a minute though – I need you to see the picture. The gentleman I was visiting is, at least, 65 (and I’m being kind here). My travelling companion was a young lady, who is unfamiliar with driving a car – and I was not inclined (at that moment) to ask her to push one. And, finally, given the surface of the roadway, I had to be in the vehicle when it was being pushed to steer it in the right direction.

My 65 year-old friend started to push the vehicle! (Notice how he has quickly evolved from ‘acquaintance’ to ‘friend’?) It budged — but it wasn’t going anywhere fast…

Just as I became concerned, I noticed a fleeting shadow pass on the periphery of my eyesight. It was a man; and he checked his pace, as he saw my friend struggling with ‘trying’ to push the car. I vaguely heard him ask; “do you need help?”

I can’t recall my friend’s response (maybe I never actually heard it); but immediately the stranger moved towards the vehicle. He was distracted momentarily by his orange falling from his plastic bag, and his attempts to retrieve it. But, that having been accomplished, he leaned his weight against my car and pushed it back far enough to allow me to complete the turn.

Again, I barely heard what my friend said (if anything) to the stranger. By the time I looked up to say ‘thanks’ – he was already heading away into the darkness.

I said my farewell to my friend and, as we made the journey back, my travelling companion said, “That was nice! You need to write about this!” … and I said, “About what, the kindness of a stranger?”

It was too dark to see his face; and he had an average built – I wouldn’t recognize him even if I had walked passed him the following day. I had no opportunity to say ‘thank you’.

But two things will forever remain with me, as direct consequences from that incident:

  1. God was in control and provided the answers (what was necessary) long before we even saw the need (the questions). An adjacent road was nice, but a willing stranger would help to get us home; and
  2. Despite our difficulties and our challenges, and the battering that we face from politics and crime and the economy – there is still compassion and empathy in the hearts and minds of our people.

Left up to me, I probably would be concerned about our safety, as my peripheral view picked up the stranger. Little would I have known that he was our ‘answer’ sent by God.

Although I didn’t get a chance to tell him thanks; I know fully well that God remembers him and knows him by name. I pray that the Lord will bless him; and cover him; and provide for him. I pray for his physical safety and the prosperity of his soul. And I pray that he will forever know kindness, in the same way that he was willing to show it.

Walk good, ’til next time …


About Counselor77

A pretty good listener; occasionally I actually have something worthwhile to say ... it may be on religion, politics, love, public affairs (you name it) ... let's talk - we CAN make a difference.
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3 Responses to Kindness from a Stranger

  1. Petry says:

    Amen. These are the things that warm my heart.

  2. Tracyann campbell says:

    God is a good God. Despite of it, God will always make a way out of no where. We should never ever forget the power of our living God.

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